Cheesy Broiled Eggplant (Vegetables)
Creamy Sliced Cucumbers (Salads)
Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce (Other Desserts)
Broccoli Supreme (with bacon) (Vegetables)
Cheesy Potato Fondue (Sauces & Dressings)
Chinese Fried Rice (Pasta & Rice)
Pumpkinog Pie (Cakes & Pies)
Herb and Cheese Filled Cherry Tomatoes (Appetizers & Snacks)
My Favorite Potato Salad Recipe (Salads)
Rasberry Dip with Fruit Platter (Appetizers & Snacks)
Tomato Squares (Appetizers & Snacks)
Hot Buttered Rum (Beverages)
Vegetarian Casserole (Vegetables)
Spinach Salad with Oriental Dressing (Salads)
Hot Artichoke Dip (Appetizers & Snacks)
Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich (Vegetables)
Artichoke Dressing a la Rita (Vegetables)
Mushroom Bread (Breads)
Microwave Peanut-Popcorn Balls (Appetizers & Snacks)
Fruit-Nut Nibbles (Appetizers & Snacks)
Creamy Peanut Dip for fresh vegetables (Appetizers & Snacks)
Rice Croquettes (Pasta & Rice)
Baked Stuffed Peppers (Vegetarian & Vegan)
Saltine Toffee (Cookies & Candy)
Farmer's Market Dinner (microwave instructions included) (Vegetarian & Vegan)
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